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DDArianne's News

Posted by DDArianne - 5 days ago

Since I'm silent considering I'm working on several things in the background thought of making a notice. So in regard to my comic, I decided that both chater 3 and chapter 2 need equal amounts of work specially with adding scenes or re-writing, specially chapter 2. Somethings need changing specially with the story (well more like additions to be fair the structure of the story is pretty much the same just more detailed) There will be more character scenes to develope the friendship.

So progress is a bit slow, but it'll be worth, at least for me.

Anyways I finished sketching one scene for chapter 3 I'm going to post that one first then a chapter 2 scene basically :3

Posted by DDArianne - 8 days ago

Does anyone know why there is no singular prismacolor pencils on sale? like is it because of the two year pandemic shitshow, or is it like a legal thingamabob or the company just being greedy/cheap. Can't find it in mexico, or United States, like maybe one seller but like from India, and I don't think i can order that ;n; I just want more black and light brown pencils orz.

Posted by DDArianne - 1 month ago

You can skip this introductory parragraph btw, DON'T SKIP THE RULES THO, READ!!!

So I've been thinking about doing one of these again, people find it weird that I genuinly like doing these and doubt me lol, and specially because I do have open commissions so why bother, well 1 commissions sometimes take forever to get going even if you are constantly advertising elsewhere, 2 it gives me content to publish while I'm working on something else in the background, 3 more publicity that I exist pretty much, 4 I get away from my confort zone!

Yeah I know there are withdraws to these type of stuff, some people just follow for requests and abandom me once I stop releasing those. (Thought often some people genuinely like my stuff and I thanks those mfrs greatly with all my heart >u<!!!)



Newgrounds exclusive requests.

Anyways these requests will be taken care 1 by 1 and posted 1 per week (I think thats fair since It's free art), will be painted for 2-4 hours no more or less, will have some sort of pattern, AND will be with one colour palette. Also these will be character busts with abstract backgrounds

Colour palette I'll be working on, please use the letters on the sheet on your comment.

Colour palette link on pinterest, credits for 1redphoenix1's who used to exist on amino. (if they're somewhere else do tell me to give them better credit.


  • 1 submission per user
  • Must be a follower
  • Don't DM me your participation, comment it trough this thread otherwise people won't be able to know who asked for what!!!
  • If it's an oc make sure it has clear refferences, like I know what is going on with the design, if your art has a very werid style or you just started drawing PLEASE provide a description.
  • If its a character you want me to do fanart of, PLEASE provide where they're from (movie, show, videogame etc) in case i don't know them and picture refference.
  • No description based characters, must have refference.
  • No nsfw refferences, if you send nudes of a character you'll get insta blocked, unless that is what you wanted lol.
  • Here's the catch, you will also need to find a pattern, on google that you want me to implement on the, there are many patters from many different things and cultures!
  • Pattern must NOT repeat, check people's submissions, if not then I'll have to take someone else.
  • Note: Textures aren't patterns, textures are things like fur, paper, plastic, metal, those are the materials something is made of, a pattern is a series of very repetitive or not that repeptitive shapes, like a pattern on a rug, it has flowers, but it's material is of threads, it's all about the shapes, fancy shapes, tacky shapes, cute shapes, terrible shapes! (I know material in certain contexts can count as a pattern but that's a whole other topic)
  • You are not allowed to use someone else's palette, there is a palette slot, pic one, if you pick two and say to choose whichever i like I'll ignore your comment,
  • The same goes with characters, just submit a single character, make up your mind.
  • Once you left your comment with refferences, and you have chosen your palette, your name will be added on your slots.
  • Finished works will start getting posted september 5th this and 1 pic per week, your name will be attached to the submission.
  • Please be patient, if you start spamming it's another way to get insta blocked.
  • You'll get notified when your request is done and I'll send you the pic on DM :3!
  • That's it have fun and be kind on the comments darlings! no judging anyone!!! I'm here to also have fun :DDDD

Palettes slots

DC -

DH -

DI -

DR - Levi0nl1ne

DP -

DS -

EC -

EH -

EI -

ER -

EP -

ES -

RC -

RH -

RI -


RP -

RS -

PC -

PH -

PI -

PR -

PP (lol) -

PS -


Updated links!






Posted by DDArianne - July 4th, 2022

Hope you like the rest of the art here :D!!!!


Posted by DDArianne - June 26th, 2022

That you can post sketches to art portal and it doesn't matter a great deal,

CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW THAT WORKS? like do you get even punished? orrr what????

Posted by DDArianne - June 11th, 2022

I love how art is so subjective people will never agree what's good or what's perfect, I saw my latest piece go from 5/5 perfect score, to 4/5 to 4.7/5 bro it was fascinating

I've never seen a trully 5/5 in here ever, some people love something and see no flaw, some people see nothing BUT flaws, and some people see the strenghts and flaws.

I can see why people would be fidgety around newgrounds rating sistem, but to be fair very few people are actually objective on the quality of art, like one of the highest rated scores I've ever seen was a woman with big tits sooo... I wonder where all those votes came from ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) very objective ain't it.

For me personally, although I'm like so critical to myself, if I like how something turned out then might aswell enjoy myself rather than beating myself forever for something I didn't do right, otherwise I'd never finish a piece.

I doubt scores can ever have a trully objective assingment, very few people can trully give that, mostly art veterans, they know the ins and out.

Even if I got a high score, it don't mean much, it does mean something, specially to the algorithm but If I ever had to recommend someone to newgrounds, it'd be that the score doesn't actually do THAT much to you personally.

How do you guys view the score system, does it work? does it affect you? do you like/dislike it?

Posted by DDArianne - May 4th, 2022

Hello, thank you for your kinds comments and thank you so much for following me, I hope you like all the content I have to offer at the momment and the content that will come :D

Have a lovely day!

Also I have now the same ammount of followers here and on instagram, crazy!


here's some stuff I've worked behind the scenes, moslty working on my art so it's at the top of it's game >:3

I'd show more but they're traditional pieces and photography ain't the best :'D Ah

In another note. I think I'm getting a bit better at background there is a second project that is rather unusual but I think I am capable of once and for all finishing that one, and well the comic that's posted here haha. a rather chaotic text but I need to be chop-choppin'!! see ya'll!



Posted by DDArianne - March 21st, 2022

So about the comic, I'm not working like on pages directly, but I'm working on some details and I might have to change some details from the two chapters, both design wise (mostly some tweaks tbh but it'd be nice to have everything with the same quality maybe a longer term project to fix earlier ) and some new info because I just got time to rethink the story and some new characters and ideas appeared, the core is still the same but considering why this story was made in the first place and my understanding on certaing event, I HAD to make changes.

I've been doing a lot of studies to bring my art to a whole new level... and to also not struggle with eviroments, as much as I like detailing stuff, some could go quicker than before. and working with commissions from time to time.

Right now I am producing quite a bit of concept art and scenes from future chapters!

not gonna lie I've been a bit sheepish with chapter 3 becuase there will be singing and it's to the point where I'm like: SO IT'S A MUSICAL NOW? YES, NO?!?! MAYBE?!?! and I wanna tweak the song, I'm a bit nervous with that because I've never written a sonk!